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American Limetec and other companies are supplying hemp and lime building materials and technological assistance in housing/industrial/commercial projects in the USA.

Hempcrete’s resistance to pests, mold and fire helped Asheville’s former Mayor and his wife save 60% on their homeowners insurance, as the owners of America’s first hemp house (photo at right). A hemp house requires minimal heating or air-conditioning, and can help cut energy bills by 30% to 50%. ----Mother Nature Network

Okay. Let's start with that. If the preceding paragraph is true, then everyone who builds a home can take into account that all the monthly payments (that one assumes when one attempts to own a home) will be reduced by reasonably well-designed hemp-centered construction, except for, possibly, the mortgage payments.

A better house with a smaller ecological footprint for the same money (or less) as a "conventional" energy waster? The links on this page should help those of you whom are interested to answer that and other questions.

This house in Asheville NC was designed by Push Design, incorporating several smaller-footprint elements, including hempcrete.

Simply inquire on a search engine terms like "hemp house," "American Limetec," "Push Design," etc., and you'll see the profusion of links to informative sites.

Below are three architect's renderings of designs for a single-family home, an apartment building and an office building. You can see these designs and more at American Limetec's website. All incorporate hemcrete®.

The Hemphasis Lakota Hemcrete® Project predates the Asheville house.

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