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Hemp oil is an excellent natural emollient and moisturizer (lotions and cosmetics), because of its Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) content. EFAs do not clog up pores like saturated fats do. EFAs can be absorbed into the cells, which enables skin cells to comunicate, and repair skin cell membranes resulting in softer, smoother, and more moisturized skin.

Most moisturizing products on the market are made from saturated oils, which are not absorbed by the skin cells, but only coat the surface, but do nothing to prevent further moisture loss.

Skin care products with hemp oil help restore dry and damaged skin, increase the natural moisture retention capacity, while slowing down skin aging. Hemp skin care products are excellent for broken or damaged skin, and are useful for sufferers of eczema, psoriasis, and mastalgia (breast pain).

EFAs also allow hemp hair care products to bring gloss and manageability by relieving dry scalp or hair loss and damage brought on by blow dryers, chemical perms, coloring and sunlight with moisturization. Hemp seed oil provides the proper balance of essential nutrients needed for strong healthy hair. Hair is often damaged and stripped of its natural lipid coating, which makes hair brittle and lack luster. Hemp seed oil helps revitalize the hair shaft, increase volume, elasticity, softness and shine, because its EFAs deeply penetrate your mane.


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