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hemp is biodegradable

Cartoon in LOOK, June 23 1959

Ron Kiczenski asks a federal judge to consider whether legislatures really have the right to outlaw a plant. This series of court documents chronicles the progress of a civil lawsuit against the Dept. of Justice on the constitutional grounds that religion is what we do and we have the right to do it our way with tools provided us by God.

There's a lot of reading in this series, and most of it is image files rather than text you can copy and paste. The images are sized to print out on letter-sized paper at 72ppi.

Kiczenski's is just one of many skirmishes fought in the courts over cannabis. Most use a different approach. None have accomplished much that's apparent. Not many of them expose so well the raving lunacy of those who defend the federal ban on industrial hemp.

Take a half hour sometime and start looking at this "conversation" among Ron Kiczenski, a rather naive US Attorney, and a couple of judges who apparently enjoy jerking folks around (not that we think we've discovered a rarity among the breed). We bet you'll end up spending hours, and emailing your friends to look, too. The case is not over yet.

Excerpt from US Attorney's brief. This is what happens when government
defines religion, education, economics, justice, or anything else. 

Ron Kiczenski sent Bill Clinton 12 ounces of cannabis. 
Watch the TV News coverage of what happened then.
Kiczenski asks Dept. of Interior to declare hemp an endangered species.

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