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Jeremy Briggs
"Be Free, Find Truth, Live Love."

Rapid City SD 
Owner: Keefe Green Productions 
Hemp & green events in SD & MT
Part Owner: The Natural Selection 
Hemp tee-shirt company
 Part Owner: Authentic Creations  
Hemp store
123 Main St, Missoula MT


Jeremy & Laramie

Bob Newland

Cowboy, free-lance photographer, writer and publisher, raconteur, iconoclast,.... He lives near Hermosa, in the Black Hills of So. Dak.

"Nobody--neither a mugger nor a group of suits in some capitol building--nobody has the right to initiate force or commit fraud in pursuit of personal or political goals."

Hermosa SD

Bob posts the Hemphasis.net website.
He'll post yours, too.

In 2004, Jeremy and Bob published two editions of Hemphasis, a printed magazine. 100,000 copies of Hemphasis were distributed at sustainable-culture-friendly spots all over the world, but primarily in the western United States. Its content has become incorporated into the content of the Hemphasis.net website.

Below are the covers of the two editions we published. We have a few copies of each left. You can own one, now undeniably a treasurable collector's item, for $20.00 (shipping included anywhere in the US or Canada, email for rates anywhere else). There are about 20 copies of each edition left for sale. Send $ to 24594 Chokecherry Ridge Rd; Hermosa SD 57744, or through PayPal (use PayPal ID "newland@rapidcity.com" (without " marks).

Fall 2004

Spring 2004


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